Alanya is a coastal town located in Turkey's "Southern Riviera" The city has an ancient history with
countless ruins but is probably most famous for its natural turquoise ocean, kilometre-long beaches
and its Mediterranean climate. In the summer, its warm and dry with average temperatures of 27 ° C
on land and 25 ° C in the sea. In the winter, the average temperature is 14 ° C on land and 18 ° C in
the sea.
Alanya has 20 rivers that bring the meltwater from the Toros mountains 2 km heights down to the
Mediterranean ocean. They form beautiful valleys and forests that are ideal for picnics, camping,
rafting etc. There are also countless ideal areas for both jeep safaris and hiking.

One of Turkey's 3rd most famous beaches are in Alanya

Alanya's humid winter months are ideal for growing citrus fruits and bananas, and for that reason
you can see large banana plantations and citrus groves all around the city and its adjacent areas.

The district of Alanya was officially formed in 1872 with Ahmet Asým Bey as its first mayor. In the
1960s, German tourists found this gem and since then tourism has grown exponentially. This have
led to an incredible growth and modernization, of this city, from a small agricultural and fishing
village to a world-renowned city.