Subscription agreement

With a subscription agreement, you will never worry in an event of emergency or problem with your
home. When an accident occurs, we will provide technical services such as: inspection of electrical
wiring and pipe systems, electricity, air conditioning, central heating etc. We will make sure that
there is a qualified technician in place to correct any problems.

Repair Services

Our experienced staff will in the event of an emergency, help you find the most skilled people for the
best possible price. They can also help with the selection and purchase of building materials and
supervise and audit all the works done by the builders. Finding the right person / team when the
accident arrives is included in our after-sales services and is completely free of charge.

Cleaning services

We have a professional and dedicated cleaning staff who are always at your service. You can at any
time order cleaning services through us.

Renting out your home

If you ever thought about renting out your home, we could help you find tenant through our agency.
We will, through regular inspections and maintenance, keep your home in a perfect condition. You
will never have to worry about anything. We will do all the work for you.

Car rental

We have access to a large selection of cars for rentals. All insurances are included and, as our
customer, you will have access to our VIP cars and discounts.

Interior design

Many of our homes come fully furnished and have all the amenities you need. You would only need
to bring your luggage with you when you are moving in. You also have access to our interior
designers if you want to design your home yourself.


In Turkey, your home and car must be insured, by law. We have very favourable rates with the
largest insurance companies in Turkey and the world. You can ask one of our insurance specialists for
help and advice.



You can at any time contact our employees if you need transport services. We have VIP transports to
and from the airports and can even assist you when you book your airline tickets.