The step by step process of buying an apartment in Turkey:

Apex real estate agency will give you help and advice throughout the purchase process of your
property. We will help you process the agreement in accordance with Turkish and international laws,
as the guarantor of the transaction for both the buyer and the seller and verify and secure that the
property does not have other mortgage loans. We ensure that your purchase is done safely and
according to law.
Step 1: Selection of properties on the website
Here you will find the largest selection of Turkish properties that are of the highest quality. You can
choose properties that meet your needs or contact one of our consultants for help.
Step 2: Free accommodation throughout the viewing period
Your stay in Alanya is completely free of charge when you are viewing apartments through us.
Contact us regarding information about your arrival date and we will provide transport and
accommodation for you.
Step 3: Transaction formalities
Before the transaction of funds are completed, the selected property will be fully audited. Our
experts will check all permits and registration documents, as well as the absence of mortgages and
court decisions for the property.
A purchase and sale agreement are written between a real estate agent and the buyer, or a tripartite
agreement between the seller of the property, the buyer and the real estate agency. All information
about the property, its price and the payment terms will be in that contract.
Once you have signed the purchase and sale agreement, you can, in agreement with the seller of the
property, use the purchased property, even if the registration process of your property is not yet fully
Step 4: Submit documents
After signing the contract and implementing all procedures, the real estate agency sends the
documents to the office of Tapu and Cadastre to be processed.
Step 5: Payment
The payment is carried out according to the purchase agreement. Payment can be made in cash or
via a mortgage. A mortgage can be obtained in Turkey from certain Turkish banks, but they have a
relatively high loan-to-value ratio (65% of the value of the home) and have relatively high interest
rates (around 10%).
Step 6: Obtain the property
After receiving approval, from the relevant agencies, and finalized the payment of the relevant taxes
and fees, the buyer receives a purchase document, TAPU. This document confirms that the property
now belongs to the buyer. TAPU is a timeless and absolute right of ownership which, after its
establishment, cannot be challenged by any court of law. One or more people or legal entities may
be property owners.